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About Our Team

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Archie Karpeh

Co-Founder & CEO

Archie Karpeh's path to medicine is a remarkable journey. Born amidst Liberia's war, he found inspiration in a doctor's care during his own injuries. Though soccer played a pivotal role in his life, medicine remained his true calling. With research accolades in nanoparticle studies from the University of Minnesota, Archie's story embodies transforming challenges into motivation. He aspires to share this power, motivating others to overcome hardships and uncover their potential as he continues his journey in healthcare technology.


Lydia Geevarghese

Co-Founder & COO

Lydia Geevarghese is a New York native with South Indian immigrant familial roots whose heart belongs to medicine. Her active involvement in her church community and her participation in research projects aimed at exploring the complex factors driving obesity underscore her commitment to understanding health from various angles. Lydia's ultimate aspiration is to create meaningful impact within her community, a reflection of her deeply rooted sense of service.

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